ProCare TalentSteps

The Career Instrument for Care Professionals


Welcome in the interactive advisory tool of the project PRO CARE CAREER! (promoted by the LEONARDO DA VINCI programme)

The project was funded with the help of the European Commission. The author of this web-site is exclusively responsible for its content; the Commission will not be liable for any further use of the information contained therein.

Using this tool you will get the possibility to get to know your own career potentials and to check along examples, how you could follow them. There will be asked the relevant aspects of your previous career, because they are important to derive your possible next steps. In „results“ you can compare your own professional preconditions with the preconditions, required in the special career steps of the various countries. Furthermore you will get some information about the particular labour market situation and you will read presentations of successful careers as best practice. By this way we hope to offer a support to find your own way in the European care sector. Good luck!

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